Petrochemicals Process Technologies & Operations

Introduction to Petrochemicals Industry


Introduction to Petrochemicals Industry

Course objective

Attendees will gain an understanding of the petrochemical value chains and their end uses, discover the major industry players, and learn the fundamentals that drive the business as well as benefit from an introduction to pricing and price analysis which may help in making informed business decisions. Joining this course ensures that you can get quickly up to speed and have the expertise you need to operate effectively in this complex market

Course Content

1. Petrochemicals Overview • Petrochemicals Raw Materials – value Chain elements • Olefins and Derivatives • Aromatics and Derivatives • Other building Blocks , Methanol and Ammonia 2. Petrochemicals Pricing & Forecasting • Introduction to Petrochemicals Pricing • Examining oil and its relationship with Petrochemicals • Petrochemical in Middle East • Long Term Forecasting 3. Markets , Cost and Profitability • Market Dynamics of three main olefins Methanol and Ammonia Market Dynamics • Aromatics Market Dynamics • Cost and Profitability • Margins Spreads and Profit • Syndicate Exercise

Who Should Attend

– Individuals involved in petrochemical industry either with past knowledge of its basics or newcomers. No deep chemistry is requested to attendees who may be accountants keen to know more about the basic industry elements, or chemists & chemical engineers interested to know more about the commercial and economics of the industry. – Employees in Petrochemicals Companies who are working in Marketing , Visibility studies , Operations , Projects ,and Business Development departments , who are interested in refreshing their knowledge in the industry segments updates.


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