Virtual Interactive Labs

Virtual Interactive Labs is an amazing and valuable library of best practicing 3D interactive models covering most rotating and static equipment used in oil and gas industries as well as petrochemical & power industries. This innovative training approach allows presenters and trainees to explore 3D models freely in the free space by rotating, zoom in, zoom out, providing sectionalized views, disassembling and reassembling model components.

System Structure

Virtual Interactive Equipment Lab use interactive products that are characterized by its extremely easy to use navigation and interaction techniques that allow system users of performing the following application functionality features: 3D – Models: Realistic models for most common static and rotating equipment that can be used as if you have real labs. Sectionalized Views: Sectionalized view of any type of equipment is achieved by two ways through application “Control Panel”. Zoom In and Out: By scrolling mouse scroll wheel forward or backward, you can zoom the object in the middle of the screen in or out. Rotation in all Directions: Hold the left mouse button and moving it to any direction, a response will be reflected and make the object rotate in all directions freely. Assembling and Disassembling: Complete assembling and disassembling of any type of equipment is achieved through “Control Panel”. Exploding: Exploding 3D objects can allow focusing on different object components from all view angles.

Operation Description: Description of any process or equipment operation is extremely powerful and unmatched feature. Animation: Animated objects for complicated mechanisms become an easy option to understand the mechanism or operation.

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