Drilling Simulator Lab

ETI Drilling Simulator LAB utilizes fully visualized, fully functional, totally integrated and entirely interactive drilling training system for drilling operations and well control. Training instructors and trainees will experiment, explore and interact virtually with different rig tools, equipment and components as if they are at the actual well drilling site identical to the real world.

System Structure

Drilling Simulator Lab - System Structure Virtual Drilling Simulator Lab is one of the unique Energy Technical Institute training Simulators. The basic virtual drilling system simulator build using single driller cyber chair. This advanced drilling simulator is using to provide realistic training for newly haired or experiences trainees. INSPECTA training facilities in both Cairo, Egypt and Entebbe, Uganda are equipped with advanced drilling simulators.

Entirely integrated, dynamic, fully functional and interactive S/W & H/W Virtual Drilling Simulator performing all drilling operations such as drilling and tripping, draw work, mud pumps, top drive operation using top drive panel and all well control equipment.

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