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Quality Assurance

Energy Technical Institute “ETI” is a quality oriented training entity working to international standards and adopting a strategy of continuous improvement. The ETI Quality Assurance process internally monitors the quality of programs, screening, placement testing, interviewing, delivery, testing, counseling and trainees affairs services provided by ETI to ensure quality graduates. It also maintains international accreditation of the center by reputable accrediting bodies. The ETI Quality Assurance uses the following tools to ensure quality and continuous improvement:

• Internal Reviews.
• Standard Reviews.
• External Reviews.
• Student feedback surveys.
• Instructor feedback surveys.
• Class room observation.

Third party quality assurance is achieved through customer reviews of our operations and by international awarding and accrediting bodies. IPTI is licensed by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and accredited by the International Accrediting and Awarding organizations: