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Why ETI?

ETI training philosophy is to deliver hands on and practical training through the extensive use of training simulators in different training disciplines.

Training Labs offered by ETI are:

Energy Technical Institute is an unmatched training facility equipped with state of the art training labs using training simulators, interactive 3D models and virtual reality techniques. Now; two newly training locations is constructed and preparing for operation in the next few weeks. The first one is in Cairo, Egypt and the second is in Entebbe, Uganda. Both training facilities will be ready to receive trainees from Africa & Middle East shortly. ETI training facilities are equipped with following labs:

1- Drilling Simulator LAB ETI Drilling Simulator

LAB utilizes fully visualized, fully functional, totally integrated and entirely interactive drilling training system for drilling operations and well control. Training instructors and trainees will experiment, explore and interact virtually with different rig tools, equipment and components as if they are at the actual well drilling site identical to the real world drilling equipments.

2- Process Simulator LAB

ETI Virtual Process Simulators is an innovative training system used to provide unmatched and realistic operational scenarios for process equipment used in oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries. PTI process simulator system structure consists of two large smart boards, one is used to display control room operations through monitoring and controlling all
field equipment operational conditions and navigating between field as well as interacting with each equipment, device or instrument from the other board.

3- Virtual Interactive LABs

Virtual Interactive Labs is an amazing and valuable library of best practicing 3D interactive models covering most rotating and static equipment used in oil and gas industries as well as petrochemical & power industries. This innovative training approach allows presenters and trainees to explore 3D models freely in the free space by rotating, zoom in, zoom out, providing 
sectionalized views, disassembling and reassembling model components.